Text Box: Pest Control ~ Wildlife Evictions
Price list:

Personal wildlife consultation fee due at time of consult 	$75.00
Daily one-way door check fee $30.00 (3-4 day process)
Prevention treatment ~ Labor$60.00 per hr. 
Tree or Roof climbing fee one time  $75.00 or $125.00 for completion

Chimney Caps $275.00 (including cap and installation)
Spring and Fall are the most common times of year that chimneys are taken over by Birds, Raccoons and Bats. Most of the time you realize you need one when there is a problem causing hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars.

Rescue and Control

Text Box: Wildlife ~ Control
Text Box: We evict skunks, opossums, raccoons, bats, starling and other non native birds or wildlife out of your chimney, porches, decks, indoors or out. if an animal is taking over or damaging your home, we can help!
Education and prevention are the key tools to solving problems!

Phone: 262-880-3482

Fax: 262-864-4279

E-mail: clawzandpawz@wi.rr.com

Clawz and Pawz

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