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Clawz and Pawz

Rescue and Control

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Text Box: Loose or Dangerous, need help?
Private or Government 
Over 15 years professional experience dealing with animal issues of all kinds it really is that simple.
It doesn't cost to call 
Text Box: Clawz and Pawz	 262 880-3482
Text Box: Education is a key to prevention. Not only will we solve your problem, we will educate you to ensure the problem does not arise in the future.

Seminar Training

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Why do you want to know -  Prevention

Reprogramming - 
 Myth breakers
 # 1 Never stick your hand in a dogs face
#2 physical discipline or verbal attacks will cause Punishment-elicited aggression
	New understanding of the effects on dogs
Recent studies show that 28% of fatal dog attacks were by dog that were chained. 
Small children at play around family dogs can cause Predatory aggression. They are viewed at prey.
Prevention - 
	Stay aware of your surroundings 
	Knowing what to and not to do 
Training will teach you -
 	Teach alternative handling  of  fractious or scared dogs
 	Show a soft touch approach that will prevent emotional trauma to 	the dog during capture
 	Patience enable you to build a repore to build trust. Rushing can 	make a situation worse
 	When you capture  strays  in a calm positive manner it will make 	them easier 	to catch  the next time 
Teach our Children-
 	50% of all fatal dog attack are  of children under  10
	Children run and play make weird sounds, scream and cry 
	By teaching children what to and to do is just as important as 	adults.
	 They too can be proactive  if they see a stray dog  go home 	immediately and tell someone.
	WALK around dogs at all times.  They are animals as much as we 	want to treat them as people they are not. Their basic instinct is 	to retrieve, hunt , and play but their teeth are no match against 	children’s skin.

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