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About Us

Text Box: 	We are family owned and family operated. Clawz and Pawz is dedicated to help with your animal needs what ever they may be. If we can’t help, we will find someone that can!
	From 2002 –2011 we provided animal control services for the City of Kenosha.  Kenosha Police Dept. has decided to take over animal control and combined it with other community service needs. Still provide service to 6 Kenosha County municipalities.
	We are here to assist you with your animal needs and to educate the community on how to live together. There are many living creatures that we enjoy gazing upon in our own backyard but when home owners have unexpected guests  move in or under your home or start to destroy your property, we are here to give you alternative humane methods to protect your family, home and property with out endangering any lives. They too are just trying to survive in this world. With communities working together We all can enjoy tomorrow together.
	If you need help with your animal situation whatever kind Please call we are here to help, any way we can.
Clawz and Pawz
Pentagon: Snapping turtle eating baby ducks

All photos are of creatures that have passed through our hands.

Left Arrow: Found shopping at the Pleasant Prairie Outlet Mall
Up Arrow Callout: Stuck in pheasant coop. Catch and release
Up-Down Arrow Callout: Rescue horses from Paris 2011
Up-Down Arrow Callout: Rescue animals from Pleasant Prairie 2011