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Pleasant Prairie Adoptions

Snow is a blue eyed gelded pony

Stark is an Appaloosa gelding. He is aprox.10 yrs old and is available for experienced owners only.

Viewing times are by appointment only

262 880-3482


Shelby —July 8th

Spirit—July 8th

Skeeter—July 8th

Poseidon—July 8th

Savannah-July 8th

Luna—July 8th

Y P Patty— July 8th

Deuses and BamBam –July 10th

Rain—July 10th

Jessie—July 11th

Midnight—July 13th

Percy and Tyler—July 14th

Zeus—July 20th

Hope / Reese’s—July 22nd

Flicka— July 27th

Spunky— Aug 3rd

Snow and Stark were adopted out in fall of 2013 Thanks to 1st Class. Their help in finishing out the adoption was detrimental in final placement!


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Photos taken by Heather Wendricks, Karen Leitz, Savannah and Melissa Melby