Rescue and Control

Clawz and Pawz

Text Box: Clawz and Pawz is family owned and family operated. 
Serving the cities of Racine and Kenosha since 2001.

Animal Rescue ~ Any animal that is in need. anything we can do we will do
Animal Control ~ Loose or dangerous 
Wildlife Evictions ~ Raccoon, Skunks, opossums, bats, coyote, fox ect.
Pet care ~ dogs, cats, birds, exotics
Stable Care ~ Horses, cows, pigs, chickens
Seminar Training ~ Capture, Prevention for home owners and maintenance or utility workers

We currently hold Animal Control contracts for the Villages of Bristol, Pleasant Prairie and Paddock Lake, also the Towns of Wheatland, Paris and Brighton, Wisconsin.
Text Box: Clawz and Pawz	 262 880-3482
Text Box: Robert W. Melby Jr. and Melissa R. Melby 
Office (262) 864-4279
Fax (262) 864-4279

Clawz and Pawz      262 880-3482


Clawz and Pawz